Commodities Trading Europe 2022

“Commodities Trading Europe 2022 will bring together more than 200 industry leaders, such as trading houses, investors, producers, traders, buyers, and policymakers, to keep up with these seismic shifts and stay profitable in the volatile commodities market.

The agenda for Commodities Trading Europe 2022, which includes panels, workshops, and editorial interviews, was made by industry leaders for industry leaders. It offers trend-driven insights and practical, implementable advice on recent sanctions, supply chain disruption, integrating digital solutions, refining long-term sustainability targets, and more.

Top decision makers and thought leaders in the industry share insights, lessons learned, and breaking news that will shape the future of the Commodities Trading ecosystem.

Soon, the full list of speakers for 2022 will be released. Policymakers, world-famous trading experts, and titans of commodity production are likely to be among them.

Things to Talk in Commodities Trading
The Effects of Energy Transition
The digitalization of trading
Financing commodities trading
Logistics and global trade
Join the digital and future of commodities trading! “

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