8th Annual Alternative & Receivables Finance Forum

“In November, there will be a two-day event called the Alternative and Receivables Finance Forum. Come talk about current, new, and cutting-edge financial systems that aren’t traditional banking and could replace financial institutions as they are now.

At the event, people will talk about how banks and other traditional providers of liquidity can get into this space. Could there be a chance that alternative finance will become the norm? Will decentralized finance become a big new way for the trade and receivables finance sector to get liquidity? How will new technologies affect traditional markets in the future? What can banks do to stay competitive, and how does investing in new technologies work in real life?

In November, this event will bring together panels of experts from the banking, fintech, and non-banking finance sectors to talk about the opportunities presented by the new wave of innovative solutions and why banks, insurers, traditional platforms, and others should pay attention.”

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